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    Building a positive culture begins with positive recruitment and retention strategies. Are unqualified resumes filed away on your hard drive, never to be seen again?
    Or, are they just deleted entirely? Do you respond to those candidates who are unqualified? If not, you need to rethink your strategy. Any contact with potential employees, qualified or not, helps build your brand identity in the marketplace.

    Your first contact with potential employees is usually the interview. Don’t fall into the trap of making candidates answer what they can do for your company. You need to allow candidates to interview you and the company. Think of the interview as an exploration of what it would be like to work together. Treat people as if they were already part of the team and helping to building the brand.

    Hire cultural fit over skills and experience when deciding between candidates. Don’t sacrifice experience or skills your company needs, but also don’t be afraid to pass on a hot shot if he or she doesn’t fit the company culture. Hiring without this fit could poison the culture, the brand and ultimately alienate the employee. “My own checklist in interviewing candidates for any position in the company included cultural fit. Being a good fit meant more than having the right skills or relevant experience for the job,” says Steff MacDonald, VP of client services for Dunthorpe Marketing. “‘Fit’ meant being able to verbally and non-verbally demonstrate how closely their own core values or inner culture would benefit the team and company. Of course it takes more time and interviews to discover these key traits but when we invested the time to do this we hired happier long-term employees who helped meet outstanding company goals and grew very well professionally.”

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